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Files in these pages cannot be modified or altered without the authors consent. They are not supported  in any way by Talonsoft. The author is not responsible for any damage to computers and softwares due to usage of files downloaded from this site. This site cannot be reproduced or modified in any way. Due to increased piracy, we don t allow anybody to cut, modify, our files, or make them available in another site without our prior permission, due credit be given, and a link directed towards our site. You may not sell them in any way.

The files on this page are improvements for Talonsoft's games : Napoleon In Russia, Prelude to Waterloo, Waterloo battleground series. They intend to correct historical impreciseness, and offer a new life to otherwise ageing games.
You should first read the setup instructions carefully before installing files.
The Napoleonic Wars ("TNW") will come into 5 volumes :
- Volume I covers the  1805-1807 period. You can may play the invasion of Austria (1805), of Prussia (1806), the 1807 campaign.
- Volume II covers the 1808-1811 period. It deals mainly with the austrian campaign (1809) and the campaign of spain.
- Volume III covers the 1812 Russian campaign.
- Volume IV covers the 1813-1814. It deals with the campaigns of Germany (1813) and France (1814).
- Volume V covers the 1815 campaign, and plays with Prelude To Waterloo and Battleground Waterloo games.

Each of this volume comes first in a generic, version coming with its own order of battle and leaders file. This part features the whole armies of countries at war for each period. It allows players to make an infinity of scenarios. They can also be used to design scenarios with a point system as in a figurines game. Therefore, you can make a battle involving italian army against prussia, or westphalia against bavaria, etc. !!

Besides this generic version, you find different historical  battles for each TNW volume, such as Gunzburg, Eylau and pultusk for Volume I.

To discover what different features and improvement from original game have been introduced in TNW, download the "features" file here : download text file.



1/ copy "units.bmp" in the main game directory.

2/ copy "leaders.bmp", "main.oob", "main.pdt" in each of the game subdirectories.

Recommanded : For more detailled instructions please read the setup.rtf file attached to the scenarios ( in download page). 

If you have enough place on your hard drive, you can make a second installation of the game, rename its folder, and  extract the files into this second directory. The better is to name these new folders after TNW. Warning : you should choose to install the game only once, as you may not make a copy of Talonsoft's game.

TNW only works with 32bits version of the game (available in this site).